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***WEDNESDAY NIGHT OPEN MIC is now at Mikey's On 12th Ave!!***

BROOKE WYLIE and FRIENDS host Wednesday open mic nights, with a rotating group of musicians as host! Here is the upcoming schedule:

MARCH 6, 2019 - SPECIAL GUEST PETER STONE (EDMONTON)! with house band Brooke Wylie, Brady Enslen, Wayne Immonen, Anders Czarnecki

MARCH 13, 2019 - house band Brooke Wylie, Brady Enslen, Wayne Immonen, AndersCzarnecki

MARCH 20, 2019 - house band Brooke Wylie, Tyler Allen, Wayne Immonen, Anders Czarnecki

MARCH 27, 2019 - housebound Brooke Wylie, Tyler Allen, Wayne Immonen, AndersCzarnecki

APRIL  17, 2019  - SPECIAL GUEST MICAH ERENBERG (WINNIPEG) 3rd times a charm!  With house band Brooke Wylie, Brady Enslen, Anders Czarnecki, Wayne Immonen


June 2017 - Micah Erenberg Band (Manitoba)

July 2017 - Seth Anderson (Canmore)

August 2017 - Sol James (Winnipeg)

September 2017 - Emily Burgess, Rico Browne and the Weber Brothers (Peterborough)

October 2017 - Tyler Allen (Red Deer)

November 2017 - Derek Hintz (Medicine Hat)

December 2017 - The Tin and the Toad (Champion/Vulcan/Nanton)

December 2017 Christmas Special - Corynn and Ryan Sande, T Buckley (Sundre/Calgary)

January 2018 New Year Special - Micah Erenberg (Manitoba)

January 2018 - Joe Nolan (Edmonton)

February 2018 - The Mayhemingways (Peterborough)

March 2018 - Vince Andrushko (Winnipeg)

April 2018 - Billie Zizi (Edmonton)

May 2018 - Boots and the Hoots (Red Deer)

June 2018 - Brady Enslen Band (Calgary)

August 2018 - Jesse Millar/Colour By Numbers (Winnipeg); Braden Gates (Edmonton)

September 2018 - Steve Loree (Nanton)

October 2018 - Jay Gilday (Edmonton)

November 2018 - Maddie Storvold (Edmonton)

February 2019 - Markus Sommer (Ponoka)



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