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I promised last blog that it wouldn’t take me long to write another entry...I super failed.  It’s been a year and I haven’t written anything on my website blog!  Well, here I am, the night before my next little prairie tour, writing to you!...Whoever might be reading this.  

Tonight my friends Jolene and Eric and I got our hair cut in my kitchen by our friend Merita, while our friends Heitha (Sol James), Jessie and Dexter visited happily in my living room, not listening to my wonderful mix of playlist songs on iTunes (which blows my mind, actually.  I’ve got some good stuff on this computer, including the best of the Partridge Family and everything you can imagine by Jack White). Anyway, I couldn’t help but think to myself tonight about the life I’m building here in Winnipeg, and the changes I’ve made over the last couple of years.

My good friend Sol James, who I’m about to hit the road with tomorrow, named this upcoming tour the “Come What May” tour.  We didn’t talk about that at all and somehow she just came up with the title when we were designing our tour poster.  The funny thing about this is....that song, “Come What May”, was written while I was deciding to leave my hometown of Calgary and give Winnipeg a shot.  The point of the song was - it’s easy to do what you know how to do, what everyone expects you to do...but what if you took a chance on what was in your heart, what certain people might question you for and maybe even deter you from doing?  The line “We’re all alone in the end, anyway” isn’t a pessimistic line, it just means....we all leave this earth with only ourselves, no one comes with us as far as we know.  Not that I’d advocate being inconsiderate of others, or giving up on people you’ve committed to....all I was thinking was, well...just that: “We’re all alone in the end, anyway!  Why not take a chance on what feels right in your own heart...what’s wrong with that, in the end, anyway?”


My move to Winnipeg has been fascinating.  Full of ups and downs, full of so much learning and all the heartache you can imagine that comes with major transition.  I’ve been through some of the lowest lows of my life in the last 1.5 years, going through feelings of being brand new again and being removed from what is comfortable and familiar. These days though, I am honestly mostly contended...calm...becoming well adjusted.  Today was +4C and I thought to myself, “Wow...I feel like I’ve really earned this weather.”  We went through a brutal winter - you should just see how the fence in my yard is basically buried under piles and piles of snow.  The wind will blow so hard here sometimes in winter you’d think it’s trying to bite your face off.  Today brought the promise of coffee on my veranda come my return from tour, and it’s not long now till it’s beach time, lake time...some of the best Manitoba has to offer.


But before all that happens, I am heading home to Alberta - tomorrow!  Despite all the exciting things to look forward to here in my new province of Manitoba, despite the brilliant music I get to witness happening here in this fine city of Winnipeg, I get to return home to the beautiful province of Alberta this week.  Calgary and Alberta is where music started for me, it’s where I made my first and some of my most important musical connections of my music life.  I absolutely cannot wait to introduce Kris Ulrich and Sol James to some of the most important people and musicians I’ve known in my music career.


I took a chance on Winnipeg...and I’ve been lucky to connect to a couple of phenomenal musicians and songwriters who have agreed to tour with me!  So...COME WHAT MAY!  And we’re coming your way.  Tomorrow Saskatoon!  The next day............the world?  Actually no.  The next day is Calgary.    YAAA-HOOOOO!


Full tour details available in the “shows” section.  Hope to see you out there!

Lots of LOVE!


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